Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Never Say Never

Well, here I am, creating a blog. I NEVER thought this day would come. For some reason, I am intimidated by doing this. The funny thing is that I LOVE technology. I even have a Masters in Technology. So, why does creating a blog freak me out so much??? My anxiety began as I tried to come up with a cute blog title. My heart was literally racing as I thought about it. I finally just put something down, knowing I could come back and change it at a later date.

I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, but never thought I had enough to talk about to be able to create my own blog. Maybe that is why I put off creating one. I guess I looked at it as pointless. That has all changed now with the addition of Mr. C to our family! Every day he learns new things and finds a new way to make us smile. Also, just when we think we have things all figured out (and some form of a schedule going), it all changes! So, needless to say, I now have more to blog about than I have time!!!

So...here I am, BLOGGING! Who would have ever thought?! I hope to one day print this blog into a book, so that we can all look back on his childhood and remember all of the fun, and even the challenges (teething, sleeping through the night, mommy going back to work ect), that we had raising him!!!

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