Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calton's First Month

"O" Months Old
One Month Old
Five Days Old: Newborn Photo Shoot

More Pictures From the First Month:

  • We saw your first smile! (and our hearts melted)
  • You slept all of the time!
  • You held your head up sturdily (even as the nurse placed you on my chest in the recovery room)!
  • Mimi and Poppy babysat you so I could go to the doctor (first babysitter)!
  • You drank an average of 2 oz every 2 hrs.
  • Your hands were always in tight fists!
  • Your friend Kohen came over for your first play date, and your friend, Andrew, came over often to play!
  • You attended your first birthday party! (Greer Haswell turned 1!)
  • You loved sitting in your Boppy like a big boy!
  • You HAD to be swaddled to sleep.
  • Newborn photo shoot: You were 5 days old and we took you to a studio downtown and the photographer changed you a dozen times and positioned you in tons of adorable ways! However she molded you, you would stay!

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