Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Changes Coming!

Starting next Tuesday, I will officially become a working mom. This is my fifth year teaching, but will be my first year teaching and being Calton's mama. I am sure it will be challenging to balance both and I will miss being with him during the days. However, he is going to be VERY well taken care of. Shawndee Lovoy will keep him at her home (in my neighborhood), with her three year old little girl. So, he will get the benefits of staying at home, it just won't be with me. She has four of her own children and I know I will learn so much from her experience as a mom. Calton already loves her and I am now at a place where I am more comfortable with the idea of leaving him. Don't get me wrong- it is going to be VERY hard, but I hope and pray that we will both adjust quickly to our new routines. I know that I will value every second with him (more than ever), when I pick him up in the afternoons! We will just have to play extra hard to make up for the missed times!!! ;o) Most moms cry when their children go to kindergarten...I will be excited because then he gets to go to school with me every day (a perk of teaching at the school he will attend)!
So, in your prayers this week and the next, please pray for our family during these big changes taking place next week!

We have been getting stuff together for Calton to take and leave at Shawndee's house and I found a cool seated activity center. It is originally a bumbo type seat, then you turn it into a rotating activity center, and then when he outgrows it, you can strap the seat onto a chair and it functions as a high chair! I thought that was pretty cool! The picture below is of him trying it out! He must have REALLY loved it because we heard him laugh for the first time last night when he played in it! I was so happy that I was still home to hear his first laugh! Chad was home too! What a special moment for all of us!

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  1. Every day will get better! Calton is so lucky to be in such great care while you are away. You and Calton are going to learn so much from Shawndee. I will keep you and Chad and Calton in my prayers!