Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calton's Second Month

  • You did NOT like lying flat on your back anymore. No swings or bouncy seats for you!
  • Cooing was something that you loved to do, especially when it was time for bed. You would say "ooohhh", and what sounded like hey!
  • Periodically, you would sleep through night. You were very unpredictable when it came to your sleeping schedule.
  • You started grabbing at objects and LOVED your activity/jumper center!
  • You stuffed your hands in mouth - a lot!
  • You started eating cereal (shhh...we broke the rules on this one)!
  • We transitioned you to sleeping on a wedge (not nap nanny).
  • Your Grandaddy discovered that you liked to stand. From this point on, this was pretty much your favorite thing to do. You also liked to walk with our help. You would even pick up your legs and take steps across an entire room...left, right, left, right...it was pretty amazing!!!
  • You held your head up high during tummy time; however, you HATED tummy time!
  • You began smiling when I smiled at you!
  • You pooped in the tub for the first time (and we made Daddy clean it out)!
  • You had your first diaper blowout!
  • I took you to the park for the first time and you LOVED swinging. You seemed to totally relax and even fall asleep in the swing. We bought one for the back porch because you loved it so much!
  • You had your first ear infection...this was no fun. You did not have a high pain tolerance and were pretty miserable.
  • First case of "thrush"
  • Since you wanted to be a big boy and look around all of the time, I began letting you sit up in the seat part of your stroller. You. LOVED. This.
  • Every now and then, you glanced at the tv. Daddy loved holding you and watching football. Football seemed to captivate you, like not other show did. Maybe you will grow up to love football, just like we do!
  • First trip to Eufaula for your Daddy's conference.
  • First trip to Atlanta so your Daddy could go to the Auburn/Clemson game!
  • You drank between 3-4 oz on average, every 3 hrs
  • Started leaving hands open majority of the time
  • 6 week shots (pitiful)
  • Tylonol for the first time
  • You started LOVING books and being read to. You would reach up and try to grab the book!
  • You still can only sleep if you are tightly swaddled!!!

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