Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Look Back!

When I first decided to give blogging a chance, I was hesitant that I would actually be good at updating the blog. For a while, I had semi-regular updates. Well, to say I have "slacked off" would be an understatement. I haven't posted on this blog since January! So, instead of doing individual posts about each month of Calton's life, I will pick up where I left off (on his fifth month), and do a quick run through of each month, all on this post! These are my notes that I saved in my phone, and I just kept an ongoing list! 

                                                            The Fifth Month

First Christmas at home
Learned to spit
Started sleeping on tummy at night
Began rolling all over floor and crib
Went to Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium, Coca Cola museum, Georgia Dome for first football game (stayed awake till 1:20 left in game)
Stayed at embassy suites first night and switched to JW Marriott in Buckhead
Went to the Macy's Pink Pig
First New Years
Started pushing up on stomach and turning to the side (balancing on one side and holding on arm up in the air
Outgrew  infant tub (started rolling and getting out of it)
Majorly scooting ...up on knees and pushing body forward
Screams loudly...a lot
Non stop babbling
Sits up well and plays with toys
Gets on all fours (tummy off the floor) and scoots/crawls across the room to chase LuLu and her bone! 

You get on all fours and lunge forward to your tummy. Over and over!
Started standing up in highchair and pulling up on stroller bar into standing position. 
If your back is against our front, you will arch your back and get into standing position using your legs only!
First big boy bath (sitting in a bath seat)
Fav Foods: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, bananas (sometimes), apples (sometimes)
Still do NOT like peas
You LOVE could watch her all day long. She is your favorite "toy"! 
Last night as a 5 month old, you decided you were very curious of the sides of your crib. You would grab the bumper and pull yourself up to where you could see over the edge. You tried with everything in you to grab the top edge of the crib, so we went ahead and lowered the mattress the next day!
Started eating 3 meals a day.
You decided you didn't like applesauce at all, anymore
Big boy bath seat at 5 1/2 months

                                                            The Sixth Month

We lowered your crib mattress
Crawled on your 6 month birthday and never looked back!
Used sippy cup for the first time
Ate sweet potatoes and turkey (liked) - stage. 2 foods
Crawling all over
Crawled and then got into sitting position by yourself
You can say "Baaaaa baaaaa"
You LOVE to crawl and then sit! Started doing this Feb 2nd! 
Pulling up on objects like nap nanny, my legs, 
You will "jump jump" on demand if we say those two words 
You smile and laugh when I say mama, ball, daddy, lulu, dog, jump jump, & pat pat!
You LOVE strawberry yogurt
Sat up in the chair for a wagon ride for the first time
Pulled up in crib 6 months. 2 weeks 1 day
Reached toward me and said "Maa"
Reached toward LuLu and made the "d" sound!
Feb. 8th- Said mama 3 times when I said it to you! Said da da last night in the tub when daddy was saying it to you!
Full on crawling! Pulling up onto everything! You love to crawl and sit...crawl and sit!!!
You can go from lying flat to a sitting position very quickly, and do this in your crib a lot!
You can climb over us if we are lying down
You are pulling up on everything really well
Sleeping through the night when you are not sick
Finally started eating more- 5-6 oz bottles (record was 10 oz)
Eating one and a half containers of baby food and a yogurt at lunch and dinner!
Slowly started cruising 
"ba" sound...sounds like ball a lot of the times
"mama" sometimes but "Mmmmm" a lot
Pulling up on EVERYTHING...ottoman, tables, cabinets, dresser, my legs, crib, pack in play, toy basket
3rd double ear infection : (
You love to play!!! You LOVE puzzles and books! You also have started liking balls. Mostly, you like to be down on the floor exploring your world! 

Here are some of your sixth month photos:

                                                         The Seventh Month

Says "mama" "ba" 
Started the intentionally dropping things
Fast crawler
Loves chasing lulu
Wants to hold a spoon at all times when eating
Pulling up everywhere (even in the bath tub, walls, doors)
Started climbing the stairs 
You like all foods but greens
Sleeping through the night (finally)!
Tried puffs for the first time (coughed a lot afterwards)
Ear infection # 4
First beach trip!
Apple juice for the first time
Crackers at captain Anderson for first time
Pool for first time
Sand for first time

                                                           The Eighth Month

Words: mama, dada, bye bye...BYE
Shakes head no when it is something he doesn't like/want
Champion crawler
Sleeps through night
Loves crackers-not puffs
You were baptized on April 15th at Riverchase United Methodist Church! We had a luncheon afterwards at The Birmingham Country Club to celebrate with family!
Started eating table food a few days shy of 9 months
You LOVE Taylor Swift! I at her cd and you immediately stop crying!!! Works every time! If I turn her off, you are not happy! Needless to say, I am about tired of that CD!!!

                                                           The Ninth Month

Clapped for the first time
First 2 teeth!!! Bottom middle two!
Words: mama, dada, bye,
eats: everything!!! Turkey, peas, chicken, waffles, will try anything and everything!
Drink out of sippy cup well
Trip to Eufaula for our first Mother's Day together and Granddaddy's Bday
First stomach virus : ( 
Ear tubes

                                                          The Tenth Month

19.7 lbs, 28 inches long?
Words: mama, dada, bye, hey, Ba (ball), car, ba ba (bottle)
First baseball game
Stand without holding on
First steps
Clap when I say "clap" or "yay"
Very attached to mama
Hold bottle 
eat everything (not an apple juice fan...u prefer ice cold water)
First time to Ross bridge pool
Mama stayed home with you from 10 months old until almost 13 months old)!
You are cruising with one hand and letting go a lot of times and standing there not holding on. You occasionally take a step not holding on! You will be walking soon!
Leans in to kiss when you say "Give me a kiss"!
First time to McWane Center
Started sleeping through the night 8 pm- 7:30 (not waking up for that one late night bottle)
First pair of everyday shoes: navy Sun San sandals! 

                                          The Eleventh Month

Started walking On June 29, 2012 an you were 11 months 1 week old! Your favorite walking shoes are your red Toms and your blue Crocs.
New words: Uh Oh! Dog, Cup
You are obsessed with lights! You point to the light and other things constantly in any room!
You understand bye means someone is leaving
I can tell you to go get a ball and bring it to mommy and you will!
You love balls and play with them constantly!
Friends: London, Catherine, Kohen, Andrew, Maddie Grace, Makenzie, Reagan

                                      Months 12 - 15
                 (For some reason, I forgot to keep up with your milestones at this point)

You are now a big one year old!!! Your birthday party was a whale theme and you had so many people come to celebrate YOU! You finished the party with a swim in the pool with Mommy! Your favorite birthday present was the activity center that we gave you! You love to climb up and go down the slide like a big boy! You still don't like TV or movies. The only thing that will hold your attention is the Baby Mozart DVD. You LOVE classical musical and it soothes you. We often play it in the car when you get fussy and it settles you back down.

Words: Mama, Dadda, Daddy, NaNa (LuLu), Poppy, tiger, bye, ball, breakfast, baby, boo, milk, baba, uh oh, no, done, this, "Rose" for Mary Rose, book, bite, shoe (which you are obsessed with) and a lot of other stuff that I haven't figured out yet!

You understand more than you can say! You can understand simple commands (go get Mommy the ______). You even understand when I told you to go put your diaper in the trash can in your room. This surprised me! It's crazy how much you know, although you are overall, a pretty quiet child. You love to "sing"! You are not big into dancing at the moment. You love to play with balls, golf clubs, your xylophone, and your climbing wall and slide. Your new favorite thing to do is figure out how to buckle the snaps that are on your highchair, swing and wagon. You can do this all by yourself and don't mind working on it for a LONG time! You LOVE to be outside and often , you go to the backdoor and open the shutters and point to go outside! You can go up and down the stairs by yourself, you run and climb like a little monkey! You have 6 teeth, and are working on more; however, you only had two at your birthday party!

The last few months have been filled with lots of park visits, time time playing outside, lots of play-dates with sweet friends, trips to the pool, birthday parties for friends,  a trip to Atlanta, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and a trip to Boo at the Zoo! You LOVE books!!! Your favorites are Pete the Cat, Hello Aubie, and The Night You Were Born! The first thing you say when we come into your room in the morning is "BOOK" and you point to your book shelf on the wall! We can't enter your room without you begging for a book! You love to turn the pages and kiss your favorite characters. It is the sweetest thing EVER!

You have also had your share of sicknesses. You had hands, foot and mouth disease and recently had a fever virus. You typically have a runny nose and the doctor thinks you may have allergies. Even with ear tubes, you have had 3 more ear infections, bringing the total to 7. We give you liquid Zyrtex every night to help you feel better. You are not a big eater but you do have some favorites. You LOVE eating a waffle every morning for breakfast. Sometimes you eat 8 strawberries a day! You also love turkey meat, yogurt smoothies, and peas. You have a sweat tooth and love ice cream! You haven't had a baby bottle since one week past your birthday, and you are great about drinking water and milk from a sippy cup. Most days, you take 2 naps a day; however, some days, if you have a 3 hour nap, we will skip the 2nd nap. Most nights, you sleep from 7 p.m. until 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. You still have your pacifier when you sleep and it seems to really soothe you. When Mommy and Daddy come get you out of your crib, you throw your paci back in the crib because you know Mommy always says, "You don't need that paci"! You have also started throwing tantrums. When I tell you "no", you get SO mad and will throw the nearest thing near you. If you get really mad, you will drop to the floor and literally roll around throwing a temper tantrum. You have had a few visits to time-out and you did NOT like that! 

Friends: London, Catherine, Kohen, Andrew, Maddie Grace, Makenzie, Reagan, new friend Ben & new friend Annie

We have had the BEST time being your parents. We have enjoyed every single day being with you. Some times are very hard and others are pure fun! We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. I can't wait to see how you grow and change over this next year. We love you sweet baby Calton!

Mommy and Daddy

                                                         The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch

Boo at the Zoo

Cutest pirate I have ever seen!

Here you are at your first doctor appointment as a newborn, and at your last one as an infant (your one year checkup)! You have grown SO much!!! Love you sweet baby boy!!! Every day is more fun than the last, and we look forward to every second spent with you!
Mommy and Daddy

Oh, I almost forgot! Here are you one year pictures! You are a cutie!!!