Monday, November 21, 2011

Calton's Third Month

The Third Month
October 22 - November 22

  • You discovered your "boy parts"! We had to guard them during bath time because you would accidentally pinch them...and SCREAM!
  • For some reason, you decided you don't like naps anymore. A good nap for you is 40 minutes at a time.
  • You slept well at night, overall. The only problem is that I have would have to get up a couple of times because you would have come unswaddled! You started getting a little big to be swaddled, but you couldn't sleep otherwise. The doc said to do it as long as possible, so that's what we tried to do!
  • You officially discovered my hair! You loved to grab it...and you didn't like to let go!
  • Right before naps, you began making lots of noises when you would suck your paci. It's almost like you wanted to cry, but you were too scared to drop you would just whine and suck at the same time!
  • You loved your porch swing!
  • You still loved being outdoors!
  • We had our first family photo shoot at Aldridge Gardens! It was a lot of fun!
  • First Halloween (you were a frog)
  • First laugh - Oct 26 when you were playing in your activity seat
  • Favorite toys: taggie blanket, rattle, Sophie giraffe teether, silver rattle
  • You went to your first fall festival at Dawson
  • You loved to laugh at Daddy!!!
  • At the end of this month, we began swaddling the lower half of your body and leaving your arms free
  • You started grabbing your feet- a lot
  • You tried so hard to eat your feet
  • We witched to Gerber bottles from Avent, and you are much happier and peaceful eater
  • You tried your 1st solid other than cereal (sweet potatoes) @ 16 weeks exactly!
  • You LOVED sweet potatoes and applesauce!
  • You learned to splash water in the tub
  • You were always super strong, but you surprised us and did actual sit ups! You would lie flat on your back and if I held your legs down, you would sit up into a sitting position!
  • First cold : (
  • Most all of your hair had fallen out
  • You were rolling over both ways
Family Photoshoot

First Halloween

You love bath time!
You love the park!!!
One of your first friends, Greer Haswell!
Mama and her sweet friend, Lindsay Haswell (and our boys)

Ross Bridge Park

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