Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back at Work

I survived my first week back at work! The first day was VERY hard. The night before, Calton woke up a lot during the night and I was an emotional wreck. I cried for what felt like days. Handing him over for the first time and walking to my car, getting in it and driving away, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I literally felt like my heart was ripped from my chest. How was I going to do this every single weekday without falling apart? Well, when I got to work, I met my sweet students and our day took off. I forgot how busy you are as a teacher - and it doesn't hurt that I LOVE my job. I didn't stop all day. Before I knew it, I was leaving to pick him up! Each day got a little easier and I am just VERY thankful that he is in such a good situation. Shawndee is SO good to him and I think he is really going to benefit from the socialization. Also, having Mary Rose, who is three, there with him all day, gives him an older buddy to play and interact with!

Friday was especially good because Shawndee brought him up to the school for Deer Valley's Cheetah Charge races and I got to see him a lot! I also had a "duty free" lunch and got to keep him in my room while my students went to lunch! We had so much fun playing!

I now know I can do this, it will just be hard, and the weekends will be that much more special!

My second day back, Shawndee texted me pictures of Calton on a walk in the stroller!

My students LOVED getting to see Calton! He was like a rockstar!

Sleepy head!!!

Hanging out at the Cheetah Charge Fun Run!

It was SOOO cold!!! Wish I had a comfy ride like that to keep me warm!!!

These are the beautiful flowers Chad sent on my first day back!!

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