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Calton's Fourth Month

The Fourth Month
November 22 - December 22

During your fourth month of life, you found your voice and would babble and try to talk NON STOP! It was the cutest thing EVER! After many attempts, you finally got your feet shoved into your mouth, and you seemed to get very loud upon doing so! You tried to "eat" your toes often! You were still not a good sleeper (waking sometimes 7 or 8 times a night), so we had to sleep train you, which was not nearly has bad as I feared. It only took one night of a little bit of crying, actually! You still are not a GREAT sleeper, but are doing SO much better!

During this month, you met Santa for the first time (Dec 1st @ Brookwood Mall). Although Santa wasn't very friendly, you seemed to really like him! You also met your Great Granddaddy and Grandmama Bailey on Nov 22nd and your Great Granddaddy Nichols on Dec 18th!
You finally had some VERY light colored (blonde or light brown) hair, or should I say "fuzz" come in. It was so cute! You really began noticing LuLu a lot. You started reaching out to pet her, occasionally grabbing her and pulling her hair, and you started laughing AT her!! She liked you too - from a distance! However, she was very fascinated with the high amounts of slobber coming from your mouth, and she sometimes gave you "kisses" to help cleanup your face! You thought she was hilarious - especially when she played with her toys in front of you!
Toward the end of the month, you found your loud SCREAMING voice. You did this not because you were upset, but you enjoyed it! You would talk and make the loudest noises! We joked and said you got Mama Lucy's loud voice! You especially like to do this during bath time!

Around 20 weeks old, you started attempting to put your paci in by yourself. Most of the time, you got it in backwards or sideways, but you tried your hardest to put it in all by yourself!

These are some other things you started doing this month:

Pushed up on the palms of your hands (or fists) during tummy time
Started making a funny grunting sound that made the vein between your eyes get huge! It was so loud that people would often say, "I know what he is doing...he is going to the bathroom!" I would have to explain that you were just making a new fun noise!
You started laughing A LOT!!
You were ticklish under your arms, on your tummy and your feet!
Began scooting and rolling around the floor
Started using a highchair at home and in restaurants
Started sitting by yourself for a about 30 seconds at a time!!! (Dec 12th @ 20 weeks 3 days was the first official time)
Started jumping in your activity center the night before you turned 5 months

You loved when we read you the following quote and you would stop, smile, and listen! (It is a quote painted on the wooden photo-box frame that hangs above your dresser).
"Remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open. And be kind. Love one another. Take care of each other. Tell the truth. Always do your best. Listen to the big people and the little people. Explore new paths and have fun. Know that you are loved like crazy. Give thanks for all your blessings. Above all else, love and you will do wonderful things in this world." - Rebecca Puig

Funny story:

"Dooley (Sittin on a Holla)" has been your favorite song to date! Daddy used to sing it to annoy Mama before you were born. Then, he used to sing it to you to be funny and you seemed to get quiet every time. Now that you are older, you will literally stop crying (even in the car) when we sing it to you. We even did an experiment in the car an stopped would start crying again...then when we started singing again, you quit crying again. We even tried different songs and you didn't stop crying until we sang Dooley! Btw, Dooley is from the Andy Griffith show!

You still love watching football with Daddy and you like Jack's Big Music Show! You also love music, in general! Sometimes, when nothing else will make you happy, we will let you watch a Baby Einstein video. We try not to let you watch much TV, but sometimes you just want to relax and be left alone, and it seems to make you happy (can't imagine where you got this from)!

Eating habits:
milk ~ 4 oz every 3 hrs approximately
You like: sweet potatoes, apple sauce, bananas
Don't like: peas, pears

Your First Craft at the Ross Bridge Mom's Thanksgiving Craft at the Park
Cute as can be!
Your Great Grandparents on the Bailey side
An Early Christmas with the Altoms at the Blue Springs Manor

Four Generations of Nichols (men)
You met your Great Granddaddy Nichols
First Time Meeting Santa
Four Month Checkup
14 lbs 13 oz & 25 3/4 inches long
75th percentile for height & 50th percentile for weight

You are wearing the Christmas outfit that your Grandmother Calton made you! You were in Eufaula for your first Thanksgiving in this picture!
Another Santa Picture

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